What Our Detailing Packages Include

At CAR FANATICS we aim to achieve the highest level of cleanliness possible without masking odours with chemicals or hiding dirt with sticky silicone. With our successful process of using high pressure vapour steam you get a hygienically cleaned and fresh smelling vehicle. Our services are tailor made to your requirements. For pricing or availability please click on yellow button to proceed.

  • Exterior Detail

    Takes an hour minimum

    • Exterior steam cleaned or pressure washed depending on level of dirt

    • Wheels & tyres cleaned

    • Wheel arches cleaned

    • Petrol flap opened & cleaned

    • Door crevices cleaned

    • Protective polish / wax applied by hand including all windows

    • Tyres & plastics protected with a water based restorer

  • Interior Detail

    Takes an hour minimum

    • Complete interior vacuumed twice (before an after steam cleaning) as the steam blasts & cleans away all the dirt in-between crevices & hard to reach areas

    • Minor stains or marks removed from seats, mats, carpets & headlining

    • Steam clean vents to remove odours & kill bacteria

    • Windows steam cleaned

    • Door cards steam cleaned.

    • We concentrate on all areas that usually gets touched with hands

    • Interior wiped & plastic restorer applied where needed

  • Full Detail

    Our most popular service

    • Includes both the exterior and interior detailing packages

  • Extras

    These are not included and must be specified.

    • Pet hair removal

    • Sunscreen marks

    • Excessively dirty vehicles requiring more time than normal to clean

    • Spilled milk, food or any other requiring extra attention

    • Ozone generator to remove excessive odours

    • Leather Protector

    • Engine Detail

    • Any type of machine polishing to fix (faded paint, scratches or sunscreen marks

    • Specialised service requirements like Full Paint Correction , Ceramic or Liquid Glass Coatings.